How to beat slot machines: tips, strategies

Some time ago, roulette was considered the true queen of casinos. Subsequently, a new law was issued stating that this business is not legal. This forced land-based and virtual establishments to use slots. Among the regulars of such establishments, a logical and fair question began to arise: is it possible to win money in slot machines and how to do it, spending a minimum of time and money? The review will focus on general and specific recommendations, as well as on the current tactics and strategies for playing slots, allowing you to avoid losses and receive generous rewards.

Tips on how to win at slots

To win at slots, you need to adhere to a few basic principles. It should be noted right away that the principle of operation of any such systems is based on a combination of random numbers. Many players are convinced that the form of the game is simple, but this is not entirely true, since it requires possession of strategic thinking.

It is not necessary that the winnings come quickly and easily, because to get it, you need to lose a considerable amount of money. As a result of each spin, a random combination appears on the screen. The sequence of signs cannot be changed, so each spin provides a similar chance of winning.

There are several factors that determine the likelihood of winning:

– the amount of the bet;

– the percentage of return that characterizes the device;

– balance on the device;

– the presence or absence of a jackpot and risk game;

– personal user limit;

– the total number of bet lines.

Casino Interior and Row of Classic Slot Machines. Las Vegas Gambling Theme.

Situations often arise when one user “filled up” the machine with money and, without waiting for the victory, left it, and then another player approaches him and almost immediately gets a prize. Such luck in virtual and land-based gambling clubs is not uncommon. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to rely on “luck”, you should be guided by well-known tactics and strategies.

Speaking about the general rules, in order to beat the slots, you need to take into account the following points:

– get acquainted in detail with the nuances of the device strategy, the secrets of managing them and the main options, for this it is worth playing with virtual chips and understanding which slot is suitable and which scheme to use;

– take into account the frequency with which winning combinations appear for a specific number of reel spins;

– mood for a long game, tracking the frequency of falling out of prize combinations, free spins, bonuses;

– use of all the possibilities provided by the algorithm, consent to all additional games, activation of the received “goodies”;

– abstaining strictly from the minimum rate, since it is configured on a personal basis and depends on the amount of the deposit.

Winning slot machines at online casino is more than real. The winning combination is based on the personal feel of the gameplay. All that is required of the player is regular play and analysis of the situation. More specifically, the principles of adequate play with the order of actions are presented below.

Play for fun, not to win

Money is just a pleasant “side effect” of the game, not an end in itself. The gameplay should bring pleasure and easy excitement, not irritability and frustration.

Read game reviews

It is impossible to beat slot machines in a casino without reading the reviews on them. Descriptions are presented on the official websites of the developers, in virtual clubs, including on the site “RB”.

Avoid progressive slots

There are several reasons for making this decision:

– negative value of expectation of results, because at a distance there is a risk of going negative;

– the gambling club’s margin, even if the chances of winning reach 50%, the odds may not be suitable for the user;

– dependence on the outcome of previous rounds, which will lead to several failures in a row;

– limits in terms of maximum bet parameters, which sometimes leads to the impossibility of covering your own losses;

– a psychological factor, since many players have difficulties in the process of analyzing an event and retaining their own emotions when the rate of a certain amount is exceeded.

These are not all the reasons, but they are the main ones and deserve special attention.

Determine the volatility of slots

The strategy of playing slot machines implies taking into account such a significant parameter as volatility. In simple terms, this is a risk inherent in the gameplay. Often gamblers claim that the slot is volatile or non-volatile. This means that in the first case, he gives away generous winnings, but first he takes a lot of bets. An alternative explanation is variance.

Don’t play with your last money

You should decide in advance on the “budget” and allocate the amount that you do not mind losing. It is unreasonable to invest the last money in slots with the expectation that they will be returned and the deposits will pay off.

Explore the paytable

This is a comparison between the symbols dropped on the screen (their name and quantity) and the prizes received for them. With this approach, it is easy to predict losses and victories and know what to expect.

Practice Free Games

Only experienced players are capable of raising money in slot machines and doing it on a regular basis. Beginners are encouraged to test the demo mode in order to gain competencies and subsequently win big. Experts do not recommend spending a long time in demo versions, it is best to try real money online casino games.

Use free spins

Spins are provided to players for receiving a winning combination. They can be scrolled without bets, that is, you can win money without making deposits. Economical and instructive.

Choose slots with high returns The role is played by the RTP indicator, which stands for “Return to player”. This is the percentage that is returned with losses. For example, if a player invested 1000 rubles and lost 100 rubles, he returned 90% to himself, this is the RTP parameter.

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