How to choose the best time to play at a casino

In an effort to hit a big jackpot in online casinos, gamblers use various tactics and strategies. Someone uses their own developments and observations, others take ready-made schemes that are published on the Internet in the public domain.

However, the most advanced visitors to the virtual site are not limited to only proven methods, but also take into account the time regime. What it is? There is an opinion that by launching the slot machines on certain days of the month and time of day, there are more chances to win a large sum or regularly receive successful combinations. How it works and what is the logic of such a phenomenon, we will figure it out in our article.

In addition, we will look at the impact of seasonality on receiving more generous gifts from the best online casinos usa, when is it better to start and register an account in order to get the most out of the site. Note that all information is purely advisory in nature, but does not guarantee a 100% result of getting a big win.

Are the days of the month important for the game?

The site of the australia online casino is open around the clock and all days of the month. Here you will find arcades on any theme , you can try your luck at roulette or show restraint in the poker room . Anyone who is over 18 years old can enter to play at any convenient time. But some seasoned gamblers choose the last days of the month to place serious bets, and here’s why.

At the end of the month, all virtual sites settle accounts with all partners, including software providers, referrals and affiliates. In the latter case, the negative balance is often written off, which entails zeroing the prize pool pool. According to gambling experts, the last days of the month are the most profitable, as evidenced by reviews and discussions on the forums.

At the same time, it is worth noting that this approach is far from a guarantee of a solid drift, but many experienced and new users are trying this technology.

What time of year is best for gaming

It would seem that what is the difference – to play in summer, spring or winter. What can the season affect? But it turns out that there is also a very logical chain here, following which, you can get more benefits.

According to observations and studies, more guests gather in casinos in cold weather, which can be explained simply – in cold weather, everyone sits at home and looks for entertainment on the Internet. Consequently, in winter, the attendance of gambling resources increases significantly. What does it mean? In the autumn-winter period, the site receives a large flow of slot hunters investing money, therefore it is not very interested in updating bonus offers , expanding the loyalty program. All current offers are more likely due to reputation considerations than from a desire to further encourage an already large audience.

In the summer, the situation changes dramatically:

– all potential and successful clients go on vacation, devote more time to walks and outdoor recreation;

– attendance, and with it the profitability of the company, is falling, for which effective solutions are being prepared;

attractive promotions, gifts are developed to attract new users;

– as a result, bonus and promotional offers grow into more profitable gifts, and the conditions for receiving them are simplified, wagers become more gentle, and the terms of their wagering are increased.

What this results in:

– the casino receives new customers and returns partially old ones, making a kind of reserve for the winter;

– users get favorable conditions, especially for beginners, who are rewarded for making a profile, and in some cases, not even depositing the initial amount, but playing for gift money;

– receive additional gifts, due to which you can raise your capital.

What follows from all of the above: when choosing a season, it is better to spend leisure time on the portal in the summer, when a large number of profitable bonuses are offered and every visitor is appreciated. This season covers the whole summer and half of autumn, and closer to winter everything returns to the same rhythm.

Does playing during the holidays affect anything?

As we have already found out, the generosity of the casino directly depends on the season, as well as the holidays. This does not mean that no one receives bonus offers in winter, however, they are more designed to maintain loyalty to the site than to a real desire to attract new customers, which are already enough in the cold.

In summer, virtual venues count for every visitor, and holidays are an additional reason to show generosity and win the public’s favor. If during the holiday season gambling is in itself a profitable and profitable activity, then during the summer holidays there are even more opportunities to replenish your bankroll with solid bonus funds and gifts.

Let us conclude: summer and autumn holidays are optimal for the gambling season, and in winter it is absolutely not necessary to increase activity, only during significant events.

A good time of day for an online casino

For successful gambling, it is not enough to find out the season and even the day of the month. Experienced gamblers devote a lot of time to studying statistics and personal observations of slots during the day. Even though the sites are available 24/7, you need to choose the “right” hours if you want to be on top of victory. What is required for this? First, you need to find out when you need to start the reels or bet with the dealer in order to win after victory.

There are three fundamental factors that affect the return of slot machines:

1. The current number of users simultaneously on the resource. Without going into technical and software terminology, then each slot, regardless of the developer company, has its own cycle. That is, at the beginning of the cycle, the machine collects money by accumulating a fund. At this time, the return will be minimal, and the successful combinations will be negligible. Further, at the final phase, the distribution of prize combinations is carried out, and it is during this period that the game will be the most profitable: profitable moves become regular, the chance of coincidences of bonus symbols increases. This is the most successful period. Each developer keeps this cyclicality in strict secrecy, which is quite logical, however, with an effort to test and observe, you can make rough calculations.

2. Most active time of attendance. As a rule, the peak of gamblers’ activity falls on the time interval from 20.00 to 2.00. These are not exact figures, but they are fully justified by long-term observations. Of course, this does not mean that it is then that the slots will be especially generous, since it is not known what cycle they are on at the moment. For example, in the evening the stage of collecting the prize fund goes faster, and if the slot starts to be given away, this process should be kept under control, because other online visitors also receive prizes, who at the same moment start the reels or place bets at the card table.

3. Reset statistics.

Every day the servers on which the slots are located reset the indicators to update the cycles. This process, like the reset time, is determined by the developer, not the casino, since all emulators are not located on the portal, but directly on the servers of the provider companies. If the site is reliable and licensed, it cannot influence this factor in any way. So, what is worth considering: before resetting the indicators, each device accelerates the completion of each cycle, which means that if you get into the game in a timely manner, you can disrupt a solid reward using the upcoming reset. This is due to the fact that the slot needs to be given everything that is programmed in the RTP , but for some reason was not given. During this period, emulators are especially generous, it remains only to find out when the zeroing occurs.

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