Internet anonymity: Is it really necessary to verify your identity at online casinos?

All legitimate online casinos that can be trusted have a gambling license that is issued by various governments and regulatory bodies. Even though the licensesattest to the respective gambling platforms’ security and legitimacy, various regulations are in effect depending on the distribution context. As a result, some licenses require a player verification process, while others disregard this and place a higher value on other areas.

Online Casinos Without Verification

Virtually limitless options exist for playing online casino games with real money. However, someone who is unfamiliar with the industry and uses the search engine to look for an online casino for the first time may feel initially uneasy due to the difficulty in keeping track of the large number and variety of providers. The range of options seems to be infinite. This naturally raises the question of which online casinos are the greatest and most reputable in their sector.

First, a few issues need to be resolved in order to get the answer. Therefore, the licenses and the associated regulars play a crucial role. As a result, there are online casinos both with and without verification. The industry portal has a list of the top vendors from the most recent auction.

Gambling websites that demand customer verification typically ask for information like name, age, address, and of course, email address. In an online casino without verification, the transmission of such data is prohibited.

Online casinos without verification: what exactly are they?

As implied by the name, these types of online casinos do not request personal identification verificationas stated in that website. Customers could often play anonymously on each gambling site. However, this completion is not impacted by a missed deadline. Blackjack, roulette, poker, and other traditional casino games can all be played in the same manner.

No account must be created beforehand, and no registration process must be completed. Users have their data on hand. As a result, an online casino would never send its customers promotional emails or anything like without their verification. A misuse of the data is virtually impossible.

Online casino deposits and withdrawals without verification

Whoever believes that an online casino without registration is risky in terms of money transfers is mistaken. The required security is provided on the one hand by the license and the relevant regulatory authority. On the other hand, only well-known and well-established payment methods are used during transactions.

The most common and widely used payment methods in online casinos are:

PayPal: The payment service from the US state of California is credited with helping to create the online payment industry and has held that position since entering the market. Almost no online store or service provider accepts payments other than through PayPal. This makes signing up and getting set up with the Branch Engineers both simple and intuitive. As a customer, you can sign up quickly with your own email address, choose a password, and leave your bank or credit card information. Since PayPal has securely encrypted the data, it is not necessary to enter it again and again.

The Swedish payment provider Klarna has grown over the past few years to become one of the industry’s most significant players. The provider now belongs to the Big Players here in Germany as well. From a technical standpoint, the company excels in flexibility. Online platforms can adjust themselves very dynamically to the preferences and needs of their customers by a simple API integration in the relevant homepage.

There is almost no industry in which Google is not active. Therefore, it came as no surprise when the tech giant announced his market entry into the payment services sector in September 2015. Google Pay has grown steadily in stature within the industry over time. All Android-powered smartphones and tablets can use the Payment app to make contactless payments. The payment service closely integrates with the entire service portfolio of the individual Google account. Therefore, everyone who has already entered all pertinent data and information into Google can make payments online with just a few clicks. Bank transfer, bill, or credit card can all be used as payment methods.

Apple Pay: With Apple Pay, the company has significantly upgraded its operating system and given its customers access to a dedicated online payment service that can be used on all of its devices. Whether paying using an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac, the process only takes a few seconds and uses encrypted payment information. The US corporation ensures that the sensitive data is secure and protected in this way.

Motives for the Online Casino’s Certification

Know Your Customer

One of the main justifications for the verifications is KYC. This acronym stands for “know your customer,” or “know your customers,” in English. Some websites have been suspected of facilitating money laundering or outright the financing of illicit activities, such as terrorism, at least since September 11th, 2001.

Due diligence

Casinos, however, have a duty of care to its patrons. The access is restricted to young children or gamblers. Furthermore, it is essential to guarantee that the laws of the country from which customers access casinos are upheld. For instance, the Turkish government completely prohibits gambling. Casinos may request documentation in suspected cases to ensure that players are not from Turkey (or using a proxy).

Verification of Payments

It’s also crucial to only use payment methods that operate in your own name. Whether using PayPal, a credit card, or Apple Pay, casino players should never deposit or withdraw using payment methods that are not registered in their own names. Many casinos have simply closed the accounts in these situations and kept the money. Although there is some gray area surrounding this approach, even powerful branch executives have recently turned their backs on such drastic measure.

Reduction of cancellations

The so-called Chargebacks are one very important reason why many online casinos rely on verifications. A chargeback is a reversal of payment authorized by the customer. This is very quick to do using PayPal’s fraud protection. Online money deposits result in nothing being earned and the bonus being forfeited. There is a lot of frustration. Why not call PayPal and request a refund of the payment? The same is true for payments made using a credit card, a bank transfer, or a Giropay account. Once the bank receives a call, the money is returned to the account.

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