Every month a new stream of slots are released, and today whatever theme, size, style, jackpot, payout rate or idea you have for a game, you can bet that it is out here somewhere! A slot player doesn’t waste time. Always on the lookout for the next big game, and yet a great admirer of those tried and tested slot which become our firm favourites, there are three things we really look for: choice, a thrilling game, and something totally new. From build-your-on slots which allow us to import pictures and swap games around, to extensive bonus rounds with highly sophisticated graphics, to quick and simple classic slots, the possibilities are literally endless.


It is estimated that slot machines make up more than half of gambling play throughout the world today, and as a result, there are endless myths and secrets surrounding them. A great place to begin understanding more about these enigmatic machines is Random Number Generation (RNG). In online casinos, this is a type of software and despite ideas that payouts are time triggered, RNG means that they only occur when the numbers are correct, eliminating any possibility of cheating. So when you click to spin the reels, whatever number has registered with the RNG at that precise point in time is the result the wager brings up on screen. This has resulted in other theories, such as counting for a certain amount of time between spins and other techniques for game play speed, but the fact is that this type of software makes slots the way they should be: fun!


The original slot machines found in casinos and bars were usually programmed to pay out to a certain percentage meaning the player could only win what the machine wanted them to win. With the new online slots this is changed and to the players advantage. All software on most popular online casinos are run by RNG’s, or Random Number Generators. These simply allow the program to select a number at random and the outcome of that will be displayed on your screen in the form of a symbol. Its then from these symbols the program can tell you what you have won. This does of course make the entire game down to luck and nothing else. There is no skill whatsoever in playing online slots meaning there is nothing you can physically do to improve your chances of winning like you can in say blackjack or poker. If you’re generally a lucky person then online slots is definitely for you. A lot of top casinos will also offer you some good sign up bonuses so you will also get a lot of free spins too, this could net you a nice little win before you start to play with your own cash.


In 1895 a car mechanic named Charles Fey invented the first slot machine, The Liberty Bell, in San Francisco. The term ‘slot machine’ had been meant vending machines, and it became a name for gambling machines in the twentieth century. The Liberty Bell was a primitive 3 reel with diamond, spade, and heart symbols, but Fey was too proud to sell his creation.  In 1907, Herbert Mills, who manufactured arcade machines in Chicago, made a spin off called the Operator Bell using the classic fruit symbols including lemons and cherries which remain extremely popular online today. The first electric machine, Paces Races, was created in 1934. The first electric slot was built by the Fortune Coin Company in 1975. The first video slot, Reel Em In, was made by WMS Industries in 1996 and contained a secondary bonus round. Since then, the thousands of games available today have been released.


The rules for playing online slots need little explanation, but approaching the right game for you and wagering the best way is another matter. It all begins with your bankroll and game plan. There are two factors to consider: how much to spend and what kind of games you most enjoy. Depending on minimum wagers, bonuses, reels, paylines and how much you want to wager, there is always plenty to choose from but finding them can be a bit tricky.


One of the most exciting things that online gaming casinos have introduced are thousands and thousands of new slots gambling titles. It seems like every week the casinos are premiering dozens of new slots games online. Any dedicated slots player knows that a new title at your local casino means a long wait, but when you play slots online you get instant access to every game. Of course once you’ve decided to play slots online, the real question becomes, “How do I win them?” Since slots games online and off are totally random, there’s no way to predict when and what you’ll win, but there are ways to minimize what you lose.

Payout Percentage: This number is the single most important figure to look for when choosing slots online. The closer your game’s payout percentage is to 100, the less quickly you’ll lose your money.

Minimum Bet/Maximum Payout: Many players just assume that they have to bet max to qualify for a jackpot slots win. In some cases this is true, but more often than not you simply have to bet a set amount, and that amount can be distributed any way you like. Read your slot game’s payout table to find out the minimum bet that will qualify you for jackpots and bonuses.

Use Your Loyalty Points: Many players enjoying slots online neglect to check their loyalty point’s balance. It only takes a couple clicks to access your point total and a couple more to cash it in, so make checking your balance a monthly (if not weekly) routine.

Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions: Smart online slots players know how to work the system. One of the biggest advantages of playing slots online is the incredible bonuses. The average sign-up bonus may double or even triple your initial investment, and checking for reload bonuses or extra points promotions could earn you hundreds more in complimentary playing cash.


One of the most common mistakes made by slot players is hawking machines, predicting they are near payout and plummeting bankroll by shoving all of your gaming cash into the one machine. It is a pretty natural worry-tactic when you really feel close to a win, and it isn’t helped by scare stories in gambling forums or rumours about glitches and loose machines, which cause players to act out of character in their gaming. The first most important part of your play is to survey the slots card before playing. Look closely at the payouts, minimum and maximum bets, bonus and spin features on offer, and the reviews available. If a new slot is released, don’t listen to rumours on introduction or gaming hype; the trick is to stay discrete. Bet within your bankroll, reducing bets if you’re losing. It’s having fun and staying smart that makes a slot winner.

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