Why Roulette Is Everyone’s Favorite Casino Game

What’s a casino without a roulette wheel? When people think of the fun and excitement to be had at the casino, the sheer joy observed at the roulette wheel is the first thing they picture. When the dealer spins the wheel you could cut the tension with a knife, and the fate of the players is decided within a few moments. Crowds of people cheer with enthusiasm when it’s their lucky day.

The roulette wheel is not only popular in the casino, but also online. With the modern technology that online casinos use, you can now play this crowd favorite from the comfort of your home of on your mobile device. 

The Different Types Of Roulette 

The iconic roulette wheel has been spinning for centuries and was created in France around the 18th century by French mathematician and physicist, Blaise Pascal. The first roulette wheel was Pascal’s attempt at inventing the perpetual motion machine to defy the then laws of physics, but he ended up making the most popular casino game in history instead. 

Today, there are dozens of different types of roulette games. As the game gained popularity across the globe, popular casinos would put their own spin on the traditional design. The addition of a zero into the wheel designed to appease the king of Monaco in 1842 was an idea that came from relying on casinos for economic growth. This clever addition meant the game had a bigger house edge and therefore the casinos would profit more. When the game made its way to America a double zero was added. 

Now the different types of roulette games include American Roulette, European Roulette, Double ball roulette, Multi-wheel Roulette, Rapid Roulette, and Mini Roulette. The most popular kind of roulette is the American version, but the European version is favored among seasoned gamblers because the house edge percentage is almost half of the American version. 

Is Roulette Easy For Beginners? 

Yes! This is one of the most popular games in the casino because it doesn’t require much skill or devised strategies – you can simply play the game by following a few instructions and letting your luck do the rest. Like many casino games, roulette is intended to be enjoyable and to make you money while having fun. You can always start to get methodical about how you place your bets, which can be fun to put to the test with online casinos.

If you’re intimidated by all the numbers, balls and betting options on well-known roulette tables at online casinos look for the mini roulette games. This is great for beginners to get a taste of the excitement that comes with playing the wheel and can help you better understand your odds of winning. The mini roulette wheel only has 13 numbers as opposed to 38 or 37. This version of roulette is also less risky as you’ll only lose half when the ball lands on zero instead of everything. Obviously, with fewer risks, comes less reward but mini roulette can still be a profitable game with the right strategy.  The many options of roulette available at sites like Black Lotus mean that you’ll likely never grow tired of the game. Once you feel like you’ve mastered the “easier” versions, you’re likely to find others you can try. When playing at an online casino, you’ll probably find every version of the wheel on the site, and live dealer games too!

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