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This year has been extremely successful for many online operators as despite the continuing pandemic, player numbers have continued to increase. Much of this had been attributed to lockdowns earlier in the year with the cancellation of sporting events, but with further restrictions being put into place as we head into the holiday period it seems as if online gaming, particularly in the gambling and betting industry, that numbers will soar once again. There have been efforts to reduce the growth with initiatives such as Gamstop in the UK being granted more authority and made mandatory for all operators, but as many operators at register outside of the UK the number of options continue to grow. But with so many game options, which are some of the more popular options available to get in to?

Live dealers – Blackjack and some other tabletop titles continue to be amongst the most played for online platforms, but many are starting to find alternatives as live dealers have become more popular. Whilst this does little to change the way the games are played fundamentally; it does provide a different stylistically different approach to many of these popular games and provide players with a fresh take on games they’re very much used to.

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Video poker – This game combines the best of two of the most popular titles in both poker and slots – these games had been represented on casino floors through traditional machines but have since made their way on to the mobile device or a more modern and stylised way with many being outfit with more popular styles or appearances to draw more players in. Paying out rather often too, these machines are a go-to favourite through mobile for a higher chance to take home a jackpot.

Regular slots – Possibly the most popular of them all, the regular slot machines come in all different flavours and varieties from the standard three reels and classic look to those themed and playing videos to capture more attention whilst playing. A huge part of the success of these slot machines has been the widespread introduction into other games and other gaming mechanics, and often a players first experience with slots may come from a non-gambling platform that has introduced them as a way to offer rewards or benefits for loyalty, and may be something that encourages players to go back and try a real slots experience.

Of course these are just a few of the examples – the traditional games in roulette, poker, blackjack, and many more are still topping the list for many, but as players continue to look for different ways to approach these games and newer technology such as Virtual Reality becomes more readily available to push some more diversity, it allows for these newer methods such as live dealers to step in and provide a more dynamic experience – with the new trend for many players to also livestream their play time on popular sharing channels, any platform that is a little more dynamic will naturally pull ahead for the sake of entertainment too.

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