The mechanics of sports betting

There are two known ways of placing bets. The first, the traditional one, is in stationary betting shops. In essence, it resembles a regular shop. The second, innovative, is on the internet. Here it is necessary to go through the registration process, the placement of funds on the account, and, if necessary, the verification of the player’s identity.

In both cases, a contract is made between the customer and the bookmaker about the outcome of the match. If the client’s assumption turns out to be correct, the bookmaker pays him the remuneration calculated according to the formula – the size of the bet online multiplied by the notional odds.

Sports betting mechanics

A bookmaker’s line is a list of sports events with odds tied to different outcomes. The odds can change from the time they appear in the line until the start of the sporting event.

Bookmaker’s offices differ in their coverage of sporting events, depth of coverage, and the size of the odds. A player can compare the offers of the bookmakers’ offices and choose the one which best meets his expectations.

Types of bets

Bets are divided according to three key criteria:

  • The first is the time when a bet online in India is placed. A player can predict the outcome of an event in a pre-match or during a match (online, live, in-play).
  • The second one is the number of events in one betting ticket. The most common bets are single bets, multi bets, and systems.
  • A single bet is a bet on a single event. A bet is considered won if the prediction coincides with the final result. The amount of payout shall be calculated according to the formula – the stake multiplied by the odd.
  • Express is a bet on two or more events. A bet shall be deemed won if all predictions in the ticket coincide with the final result. The amount of remuneration shall be calculated according to the formula – the bet amount multiplied by the product of odds.
  • System – a bet on a combination of expresses. The bet may be considered won even if one (or more, depending on the conditions) of the prediction does not coincide with the final result. The stake shall be calculated according to the formula – the stake sum multiplied by the sum of the odds of the winning single bets entered in the system.
  • Third, by the duration of the events. Bets can be short-term – for the events of the next two weeks. And long term – for events, the result of which is determined at the end of the tournament. For example, a bet on the winner of the Champions League.

Legitimate bookmakers follow the same game principles. However, each company has its limitations. They are related to the size of the minimum bet, the maximum winnings, and so on. If such rules cannot be broken, because if you try to bet less than the minimum allowed amount, bet you want to make will see an error on the betting sites in India.

However, for a more gross violation of the rules, the bookmaker will block the account. In this case, even in court, the user is unlikely to get a refund on the bets.

Participation in promotions

Professionals do not always take part in promotional offers. The fact is that not all bonuses on are easy to win back, and participation in some promotions temporarily blocks the withdrawal of funds. Therefore, it is best to bet with real money, so that in case of winning the player can always withdraw the money. The best predictions can be found at

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