What makes the online casino bonuses so attractive?

In the earlier days, people used to go to the land based casinos for playing casino and other related games. The entire scenario changed with the arrival of the Internet in the market. Since almost every home had a PC or laptop people started playing casino games from the comfort of their PC or laptop sitting at home. The land based casinos started getting less visitors as people started enjoying playing casino games from their home. To keep up with the trend, many online casinos came up in the market. Even the land based casinos started opening their online websites so that the existing players do not move away to other online casino sites. The phenomenon increased more with the Covid 19 situation as many people stayed at home due to the extended lockdown in many countries. 

You must be careful about choosing the right online casino as many of them have got the bad habit of running away with the player’s money. So before you start playing, you must be sure that you are playing through a safe and reliable online platform. You must choose reputed online casino Canada sites for better playing experience. These sites will not only help you to play well, but shall also guide you on different winning steps. Hence it is always preferred to join a good online casino website. 

Another interesting factor is that these websites also offer attractive bonuses to attract and also retain players. Let us have a look and see the attractive bonuses which are offered by the different online casino websites. 

Welcome bonus

This bonus is mainly offered to lure new players. With the increase in competition, many online casino websites are coming up and each of them are offering a good welcome bonus to lure new players. This bonus is given when a player joins a website and completes the registration. There are some websites which offer up to 200% bonus on the deposit amount. But the amount of bonus varies across different websites. This bonus is given when the player makes the first, second or third deposit. This policy of offering a welcome bonus is the exclusive policy of every website. Every player must check the website before joining so that he gets the maximum privilege of welcome bonus. He must also go for the best payout online casino sites

Monthly bonus

This bonus is given to certain players on some specific months of the year. Some players remain very committed to their online casino sites and they invest a lot of money through them. Just to retain these regular players, these casino websites offer monthly bonus to retain these regular players. 

Game specific bonus This bonus is given in case of some specific games. This bonus is mainly used to promote certain games. Sometimes this bonus is given to players when some new game is launched in the market. The game development company or the online casino website may offer a bonus for playing the new game so that the existing players may find it interesting to play. 

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